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Rules and Guidelines Explained

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Rules and Guidelines Explained Empty Rules and Guidelines Explained

Post  InsaneKage Sun Jul 25, 2010 9:56 am

FATE Rules and Guidelines:
Please read these rules in full. Ignorance of the rules does not excuse violation of them. Violations may result in temporary suspension from the FATE forums or permanent closure of the account in question.

The following sections outline language, expression, and naming of characters, accounts, or guilds, clear or masked, which is not allowed.

A. Race, Ethnicity, Nationality, Religion, and Politics
- Anything that promotes, is recognized as, or alludes to symbols of racial, ethnic, national, religious, or political hatred or slurs.
- Anything related to politics.
- Anything related to religion.

B. Sexuality and Violence
- Anything that promotes, is recognized as, or alludes to symbols of excessively sexual or violent acts.
- Anything that promotes, is recognized as, or alludes to symbols of minors in sexual situations.
- Anything that insults or demeans any aspect of any sexual orientation.
- Anything construed as pornographic.

C. Personal Information and Threats
- Any release of personal information about yourself, other individuals.
- Any threats, veiled or otherwise, made against yourself, other individuals.

D. Harassment and Defamatory Statements
- Anything construed as referring to other individuals.

E. Scamming
- Acquiring items, currency, or any other in-game possessions from another individual through misinformation, confusion, or fraud.

3) MODERATOR PREROGATIVE: Interpretation of the above rules is at the sole discretion of the moderators. Content and behavior outside of these listed rules are also subject to moderator review and action. All decisions made by FATE moderators are final unless appealed to Admin within 7 days of issue. Issue will be discussed and possibly overruled by admin.

4) ACCOUNT CLOSURE: Account closures executed by the FATE moderators are permanent. New accounts made by owners of closed accounts will be summarily closed.

Accounts found to be violating these rules may:
- Be given a warning.
- Be given a final warning where any further violations will result in suspension from the FATE forums or account closure.
- Be temporarily suspended from the FATE forums.
- Be permanently closed.

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